The Quest For Adventure

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Live via Zoom
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From Deltora Quest to to the Harry Potter series, writers throughout time have filled our hearts and heads with stories of brave heroes facing insurmountable challenges to achieve their ultimate goal.  Now it’s your turn to take the hero's journey. Ignite your imagination. Create your own unique fantasy world. Develop characters. Plot a hero’s quest and spin the greatest adventure of all time. 

In this writing program, young writers will deep dive into the writing process to draft, write, edit and publish an original quest tale. 

This program has three components:

  • 8 x 75 minute live streamed workshops. As this is the first time I have offered this course online, I may need to schedule in some additional Zoom meetings to check in with writers during the sessions. I will notify you if this is the case. There will be no cost for any additional meetings.
  • A selection of activities and Powerpoint slides to extend workshop content and support young writers. These are to be completed independently.
  • One weekly writing task to be submitted via email for presenter feedback. Writers can also submit their story for feedback. 

Our live streamed workshops allow time for:

• Participation in a range of structured and unstructured writing activities.
• Developing narrative writing skills.
• Peer interaction and question time.
• Writing activities to inspire writers and scaffold the process of developing a quest tale.

Program Outline:

Week 1: World Building
In our first session, we’ll use drawing, art and discovery writing  prompts as world building activities. You'll begin to map out your fantasy world.

Week 2: The Plot Brief
Now that you have developed the setting for your quest story; you need a plot brief. What could upset the natural balance of your fantasy world? I’ll introduce you to five plot shakers so you can plan  exactly what will go wrong in your setting (your complication) and how to fix it (your resolution).

Week 3: Character Development
With your setting and plot organised, your story needs a hero and your hero needs a quest. But first we need to get to know our main characters and understand what makes them tick.  

Week 4: Planning Your Story
we will explore an ancient story structure (The Rule of Three) to plan a series of obstacles and challenges for your hero's journey.  

Week 5: Beginnings, Endings and Messy Middles
Come prepared to write, share and listen to feedback this week. Our stories are taking shape now. We are going to practise writing action scenes, zooming in on detail and engaging our reader’s sensory perception.

Week 6: Editing Skills

This week, I’m going to teach you some simple editing tricks of the trade that will immediately improve your writing and your story. 

Week 7: Publishing Options
Your story is nearly ready to submit for feedback Now it’s time to look at our publishing options. I will offer you a range of possibilities and we'll create the final parts of your book such as Dedication Page, About The Author, Foreword and Special Thanks.

Week 8: Celebration Online Book Launch
This week we come together to celebrate the writing journey from our first story ideas and inspiration to our finished story. We will have the chance to do an informal reading of our story and take part in a Question and Answer Panel together to review what we have learnt about the writing process and ourselves as writers. You may even want to come dressed as your hero or even your villain!

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What you will learn
  • Understand the key elements of the hero’s journey including how to plot and plan a narrative in the quest genre from world building to publication.
  • Develop a range of essential writing skills such as descriptive writing, imagery, word choice, writer's voice and figurative language.
  • Participate in world building activities to develop a detailed fantasy setting.
What you will get
  • 8 x 75 min face to face writing workshops on Zoom.
  • Quest Planner: Your Ultimate Guide To Writing a Quest Story. (PDF) This includes handouts and resources to support the writing journey. This must be printed prior to the first workshop.
  • A schedule of independent writing activities and powerpoint slides to consider between sessions and weekly tasks to submit for feedback during the writing process.

What to bring
  • A A4 notebook
  • 1 x A3 white poster paper for mapping fantasy world.
  • Display folder for additional handouts
What to wear

Comfy clothes and perhaps a costume for our online book launch.

Appropriate for

Enthusiastic writers in Years 4 - 6. Younger writers can participate. Please contact Beth to make this request.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

All booking withdrawal requests for our courses must be made in writing to beth@writeawaywithme.com

Requests for transfer of booking or full refunds must be at least 48 hours before course commencing.  

Booking withdrawals made within the 48hrs prior to commencement will be non-refundable, except for exceptional circumstances judged at our discretion. No refunds will be given for withdrawal after the course begins.

We understand that participants may have to miss a session in multiple session workshop. Missed classes will not be refunded. For privacy reasons, workshops are not recorded but all efforts will be made to allow participant to catch up on missed content.

We reserve the right to cancel classes/courses due to minimum numbers. Notification of cancellations will be as soon as possible and usually be sent at least 48 hours beforehand. Under these circumstances a transfer or full refund will be fulfilled on our behalf

If for unforeseen circumstances one class/session, from a course, needs to rescheduled/cancelled we will endeavour to seek a satisfactory resolution of another session provided or appropriate reimbursement.

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Terms & Conditions

By accepting the terms and finalising payment you agree to the following terms. The person who makes the booking does so on behalf of the individuals attending.

Bookings are allocated upon receipt of full payment of the listed price.

Payment card through the WeTeachMe booking set-up is through a secure payment service. Write Away With Me do not gather or retain any card details.

If you have any additional needs or a medical condition that requires us to make special requirements, please email us at least 2 days prior to the course commencing.

For privacy purposes, online courses are not recorded. Filming or photographing the contents of the classes is not permitted without our prior consent.

Any resources supplied as part of the courses are for your use only and are not to be reproduced unless permission is granted.

I provide the course that is advertised. Outcomes can be directly affected by the input of the participant.

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04 July 2020 • The Quest For Adventure

This course was a wonderful source of escape and inspiration for my daughter during lockdown and time away from school. She has always loved story writing but I could see the cogs turning during this course as she learnt different skills for bringing her characters and plots to life. I have often found her writing away at her desk after classes, excited to try out new concepts and develop her stories. As with her face to face classes in the past, Beth managed to keep the classes inspiring, engaging and upbeat in the online classes. She has a wonderful way of bringing out the confidence of young writers. I highly recommend this class for any budding young writers and kids interested in tapping into their imaginations to create stories to share with others.