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From The Chronicles of Narnia to the Harry Potter series, writers take us on imaginative journeys full of adventure. This term at The Writerʼs Club, youʼll dive straight into the writing process and develop your own original quest tale. First, you'll build your unique fantasy world. Add your characters. Design a hero, mix in a plot and you'll have the greatest adventure of all time. (Along the way, you'll learn how to plot and plan a narrative from start to finish.) Quest stories are not only full of action and transformation, but the heroes in these stories inspire us to be our best. Always remember my friend, there's a hero inside each one of us! Writing a quest-style story gives you the chance to shine.

The Writer's Club is open to young writers in Years 4 - 6. (This course may be open to younger writers if places are available.) We allow for plenty of interaction and the opportunity to work on our stories during our time together however a small amount of homework may be required to complete stories.

Group sizes are limited to allow for plenty of interaction and the opportunity to workshop ideas. 

Activities are open-ended and cater for a range of writing levels.

Students are encouraged to submit their writing for feedback.

Program Outline: 

Week 1: World Building Is Fun!

In our first session, you'll create an original fantasy setting. Who lives in your fantasy setting? You'll also develop flora and fauna as well as festivals and more. You'll leave with a map of your setting, full of essential design elements to help you develop a sense of place.  

Week 2: What Happens Next?

Now you have the setting for your quest story; you need to create a plot brief. This is the problem of the complication of your story. ( Don't worry I have some sure-fire ways to help you plan this part of the story.) Something needs to disrupt the status quo in your fantasy setting. What will go wrong? You'll explore five possible plot shakers. Which one will you choose? 

Week 3: Let's Get Organised

With your setting and plot organised, you need a hero to swoop in and save the day.  Character development is the focus this week. Your hero will bravely embark on a quest. You'll plan a series of obstacles for your hero's journey.

Week 4: In The Beginning

This week, you'll bring the elements of your story together. You'll write the beginning of your story. What writing technique will you use to capture your reader's attention? 

Week 5: Full Steam Ahead

Come prepared to write and share and listen to feedback. Our stories are taking shape now. You'll also learn some valuable editing tricks of the trade.

Week 6: Finishing Touches

If your story is complete, you'll start to put the finishing touches on your writing, such as creating your About The Author page and more. This week, we will also share our stories with our parents and friends.

At the conclusion of this program, you have the opportunity to publish your story as a bound hardcover book. I will provide full details and examples. Check out The Children's Publishing Company here:

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What you will learn
  • how to plot a quest style narrative in order to create suspense and action. You'll create an original setting, plan your rising action and weave plot elements together to create a satisfying ending.
  • to develop your mental imagery skills. This enables you to add small interesting details to your writing. We will use visualisation and drawing to help us on our way.
  • strategies for developing interesting characters
What you will get
  • The opportunity to workshop your ideas and learn from like minded and talented writers, just like you!
  • Quest Planner: Your Ultimate Guide To Writing a Quest Story.
  • In our last session together, we throw the doors open and ask parents to come to celebrate our writing endeavours. This is the chance to share your story and the things you have learnt during the program.
  • 6 x 75 min original writing workshops presented by Beth Cregan, an experienced and passionate literacy consultant and writer.

What to bring
  • An afternoon snack and a water bottle.
  • A named display folder to collect handouts etc.
  • An A4 notebook, a grey lead pencil, an eraser and sharpener.
What to wear

School uniform

Appropriate for

If you're in Years 4 - 6 and love writing - then this program is for you! Come prepared to have lots of fun along the way!

All young writers will have the opportunity to publish their story in a bound hardcover book through The Children's Publishing Company.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Write Away With Me is unable to give refunds for missed sessions. If for some reason, your child is unable to attend the planned session, please contact the office.

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Terms & Conditions

Parents enrolling their child in this program must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • In an emergency, if medical assistance is needed for my child, I give my permission for ‘Write Away With Me’ staff to take whatever steps are necessary.

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